Urban Lands

About Us

UrbanLands is an online listing platform exclusively for registered and titled lands available for sale across Ghana. We provide owners of registered lands a secure platform to quickly list, sell and help match individuals to buy fully registered and litigation-free lands.

we also;

  • Collect and share compelling news content, reports and opinion pieces on land tenure and property rights issues on our blog section to raise awareness and public informed

By leveraging our experience and expertise in the land sector, our aim is to curtail the hustle, anxiety and financial strain land acquisition has on both industry and individuals in Ghana. Teamwork, dedication and integrity is the cornerstone to the services we render to our clients.

Our Services

We provide residential, commercial and rural property solutions for buyers & sellers.

Land Listing

Whether you are interested in buying or selling land, our experience will help meet your desired need. With our portfolio of various registered land listings, we usually don't have to look far for the ideal site.

Land Registration Service

We take on the complex and bureaucratic responsibilities of land registration, thus allowing our clients to focus on their daily schedules

Land Management

We help landlords let their property, whether that's helping them understand lettings legislation.

Selling Service

We recognize that there's much more to selling a land than recommending an asking price.

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